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UNS KIEL – Institut für Deutsch und Studienberatung

Das neue Deutschkurse Jahresprogramm 2018 für Kiel steht Ihnen absofort als PDF-Version zum Download bereit.

Info and Registration


Step 1:anmeldung

Please familiarize yourself with the course offers early on. We advise you to contact us 3 to 4 weeks before the course begins.

Step 2:

Placement test. You can do this test in our school or online. Within two or three days you will get your results by e-mail, as well as an appropriate course suggestion.

Step 3:

You may then personally come to our school (without appointment) during our office hours, or contact us by e-mail in order to proceed with the registration. If you have questions about the result of your placement test, or on other issues like studies or apprenticeships in Germany, you are welcome to make an appointment by e-mail or telephone.


Further informations on courses, dates, registration, or studying in Germany are available online or you can stop by our office during office hours (1 April 2015 !!!) :
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