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Step 1 – Information (Course offers) & E-Test


§  Get information about the courses offered and take the placement test (obligatory)!

§  Placement test: Please take the test without any materials (Dictionary etc.) and get no help! You should take the test seriously and give your "best". Pay special attetion to writing the text!

§  Info and test on or directly at our office

Step 2 – Language counseling & Registration


§  Get counseling about your courses and the necessary exams and register early.

§  Counseling and registration by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or at our office

Step 3 – Course participation & Student counseling


§  When you are already attending the course, you should get information about completion and exam preparation courses. Just talk to your instructor!

§  Use the student counseling at an early stage to prepare your path to study or apprenticeship well. We recommend that you redeem your voucher for student counseling at the B1 level the latest.

Step 4 – Examinations & Application


§  German exams: Which exam do you have to take? Get information in time about the appropriate preparatory course, as well as on application deadlines and examination dates.

§  Application: Find out about the courses and the application procedures. Contact us if you have any questions!